Qualified Services

IRI provides training services that range from developing and implementing Training and Certification Programs to providing generic Power Point format fundamentals training programs.  



Complete Training and Certification Programs

Narrated Self-Running Power Point Format Training Programs

The staff at IRI consists of successful trainers and engineers with a keen understanding of instructional and engineering techniques and their effective use. They have extensive experience in providing services throughout the United States and internationally for many universities, commerical utilities, district and city owned energy plants, refineries, chemical manufacturers, mining concerns, transportation industry, and for Federal and State and local governments. Industrial Resources corporate offices are located in Biloxi, Mississippi.

  • Fundamental
  • Control Operator
  • Combustion (Gas) Turbine
  • Chiller Plant Training
  • Power Plant Orientation
  • Electrical Maintenance Training Programs
  • Operations and Maintenance Training Materials and Procedure
  • Auto Run Power Point Fundamental and Facility Specific Programs
  • Plant and Facility Specific Training Course Development and Presentation
  • Job Performance Measures and Written Tests for Evaluation