Machine Shop
 Manual Lathe “DRO” (MS01)
 Manual Mill “DRO” (MS02)
 Automatic Surface Grinder (MS03)
 Overhead Hoist (MS04)
 Bolt Threading Machine (MS05)
 Sander (MS 06)
 Shears (MS07)
 Sheet Metal Brake (MS 08)
 Radial Drill (MS09)
 Computer Controlled Mill “CNC” (MS-10)
 Dry Blast Cabinet (MS-11)
 Presses/Floor and Arbor (MS12)
Bench Grinder (MS 13)
Drill Press (MS 14)
Electrical Maintenance
 High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting (EM01)
 Conduit Bending Using Greenlee No (EM02)
 Battery System (EM03)
 Medium Voltage Overhead Distribution Lines (EM04)
 Medium Voltage Underground Distribution Lines (EM05)
 (AV) Multiamp SR90 Relay Tester (EM06)
 Protective Relays (EM07)
 Kilowatt-hour Meters (EM08)
 Emergency Generator EM09)
 Liquid Filled Transformer (EM10)
 Medium Voltage Switchgear (EM11)
 Primary Current Injection (AVO) (EM12)
 Medium voltage Drawout Circuit Breaker (EM13)
 Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker (EM14)
 Low Voltage Drawout Circuit Breaker (EM15)
 Power Quality Monitoring Equipment (EM16)
 Automatic Transfer Switches (EM17)
 Manual Wrap-Around Bypass Switches (EM18)
 Cable Splicing and Termination (EM19)
 Cable Pulling and Installation (EM20)
DC Motors (EM21)
Low Voltage Breakers (EM22)
Medium Voltage Breakers (EM23)
Station Batteries (EM24)
Protective Relays (EM25)
Low Voltage Breakers (EM26)
Medium Voltage Breakers (EM27)
Station Batteries (EM28)
Three-Phase Motors (EM29)
12 KV Distribution (IRI-EM-30)
5 KV Distribution (IRI-EM-31)
Mechanical Maintenance
 MM  1             Air Compressor Maintenance
MM  2             Bobcat-Loader
MM  3             Bobcat-Sweeper
MM  4             Bobcat-Backhoe
MM  5             Pipe Locator
MM  6             Explosion Meter
MM  7             Valves
MM  8             Bearings and Seals
MM  9             Pedestal Grinders
MM  10           Metal Cutting Band Saw
MM  11           Buffalo Forge Drill Press)
MM  12           Steam Trap
MM  13           Portable Threader
MM  14           Hydraulic Steel Pipe Cutters
MM  15           Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
MM  16           Coupling and Shaft Alignment
MM  17           Oxy Acetylene Cutting
MM  18           Water Meter Testing
MM  19           Centrifugal Pumps
MM  20           Silver Solder
MM  21           Pipe Cutter
MM  22           Tubing Cutter
MM  23           Sewer Auger
MM  24           Backhoe Jackhammer
MM  25           Dump Truck
MM  26           Fire Hydrant
MM  27           Trench Shoring
MM  28           Water Main Repair/Replacement
MM  29           Backhoe Loader
MM  30           Truck Mounted Valve Operator
MM  31           Rigid 918 Heavy Duty Groover
MM  32           Truck Mounted Valve Operator
MM  33           Vac-Tron Vacuum Trailer
MM  34           Hydraulic Saw
MM  35           Mongoose Jetter 184
MM  36           Hydrant Flow Test
MM  37           Gas Piping Maintenance Safety
I&C Maintenance
Fisher 5000&6000 DVC Controller (IC01)
Bently Nevada Vibration Analyzer (IC02)
Fisher Pneumatic Valve Actuator (IC03)
Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter(IC04)
Fisher Control Valves(IC05)
Rosemont Pressure Transmitter (IC06)
Load Shed Control (IC07)
Variable Frequency Drives (IC08)
Bentley Nevada Vibration Analyzer (IC09)
Rosemont Analytical Instrumentation (IC10)
Hart Communicator (IC11)
Cable and Wire Terminations (IC12)
Allen Bradley PLC (IC13)
Pressure Switch (IC14)
Emission Monitoring Equipment (IC15)
Flow Transmitter(IC16)
Pressure transmitters (IC17)
Level Transmitters(IC18)
Temperature Transmitters(IC19)
Valve Pneumatic Positioners (IC20)

Electrical Positioners (IC21)


Chiller Plant
Chillers (IRI-CH-25)
Refrigerant Storage System (IRI-CH-26)
Chiller Station-Chillers (IRI-CH-27)
Chiller Station Condensing Water System (IRI-CH-28)
Chilled Water System-1 (IRI-CH-29)
Chillers (IRI-CH-30)
Condensing Water System (IRI-CH-31)
Chilled Water System-2 (IRI-CH-32)
Thermal Energy Storage System-1 (IRI-CH-33)
Thermal Energy Storage System-2 (IRI-CH-34)
Advanced Control Systems-Optimum Energy (IRI-CH-35)
System Maintenance
 Single-Stage Centrifugal Pumps (SM06) (SM01)
 Soot Blower Maintenance (SM-07) (SM02)
 Oxy-Acetylene Cutting (SM08) (SM03)
 Pulverizer Maintenance MPS 89 (SM09) (SM04)
 Air Compressor Maintenance (SM10) (SM05)
 Conveyor Belt Maintenance (SM12) (SM06)
 Chemical Feed Pump (SM13) (SM07)
 Multi-stage Vertical Condensate Pump (SM-14) (SM08)
 FD Fans (SM-15) (SM09)
 Fuel / Coal Feeders (SM-16) (SM10)
 Gauge Glass Maintenance (SM-17) SM11)
 Heat Exchangers (SM-18) (SM12)
 Dry Vacuum Exhauster Maintenance (SM19) (SM13)
 Riley Ball Tube Mill Maintenance (SM20) (SM14)

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